To improve the quality of education in our schools by securing the conditions necessary for the best professional service and the most effective learning atmosphere.

To secure improved wages, hours, working conditions, and other economic advantages through organization and negotiation.

To raise the standard of the teaching profession by securing the professional rights essential to the best educational service

To cooperate with other interested organizations to advance the interests of Catholic education, to improve the quality of education, and to secure legislation that will provide adequate financial support for the Catholic school system.

To protect the rights of all teachers.

To provide a source of information to the public about the effectiveness of their investment in education as interpreted by the Confederation.

To promote a continuous increased membership to achieve the aims and objectives of the organization.


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Youngstown Diocesan Confederation of Teachers
8090 Market Street
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Boardman, OH 44512
email: ydct1968@gmail com


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8090 Market Street, Suite 1 Boardman, OH 44512

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